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Comfort Keepers Comfort Care Home Health Products Offered in Fredericksburg, VA

Learn more about the comfort care home health products offered by Comfort Keepers in Fredericksburg, VA

It is natural that your loved one wants to live independently in their own home. We understand that you might be scared to leave them alone, without any comfort care home health supervision. However, there are certain ways you can make sure your parent is safe even if no one is around. Comfort Keepers of Fredericksburg, VA recommend SafetyChoice line of devices.

If your loved experiences any kind of emergency, comfort care home help can be just a click away. Our medical alert bracelets will send an alert to a console connected to any phone line. The consoles, known as Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), will then contact the Centralized Monitoring Station.

Our comfort care home health necklaces are light enough to wear, and have a range of 200 feet, so your loved one can move freely around the house. Some models come with extended range. With the press of the button on their pendant, Centralized Monitoring Station is contacted and a loud speakerphone activates on the PERS. Once our staff receives an alert, they can send someone to your loved one’s home to respond. There is always someone there to take their calls and send help when needed. One of the benefits of our systems is that our personnel can provide health and medication history to emergency responders. This can sometimes be a life saver. The SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station is staffed with compassionate, motivated and highly trained professionals who stay on the phone with your loved one until the help arrives. 

If you are not sure which device is appropriate for your senior, Comfort Keepers comfort care home health of Fredericksburg, VA will assess their safety needs and recommend the right product. Our experts will visit your loved one, determine their specific needs, and demonstrate how these care products help seniors stay safe while maintaining independence in the home.

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