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Comfort Keepers Senior Companion Care Products for Fredericksburg, VA

Our Comfort Keepers location offers numerous senior companion care products to the adults and seniors living around the Fredricksburg, VA area

Our goal is to keep your loved one safe, whether through the senior companion care provided by our caregivers or our selection of home monitoring systems. SafetyChoice line of products can ensure your loved one’s well being while you're away.

Our senior companion care systems are easily integrated into seniors’ homes so they don’t disrupt their everyday lives. They work in tandem with our Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS). With home monitoring systems your mind will be at ease.

We offer Door and Window sensors which can be programmed to signal the Centralized Monitoring Station when a door or window is opened. These are especially useful if your loved one suffers from dementia and they tend to wonder off. When the alarm goes off, our senior companion care Station personnel will contact people on a designated responder list.

To provide your loved one with a higher sense of security, you can place bedside pressure mats by their bed and install motion detectors. When pressure is applied to the bedside pressure mat it will trigger an alarm in the home and at the same time notify the Centralized Monitoring Station personnel. This device is perfect for seniors prone to falling or wondering off. Infrared motion detectors will signal the Monitoring Station when activated. Our staff will contact your loved one to make sure an intruder did not activate the alarm and, when needed, call designated responders.

If you want to keep your loved one safe from fire or carbon monoxide poisoning, Comfort Keepers senior companion care of Fredericksburg, VA, recommend installing SafetyChoice smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. In case of danger they will alert the Centralized Monitoring Station and help will be sent. Our personnel will contact your loved one through the two-way communication feature of the PERS unit to make sure they are aware of the situation and to notify them to leave the residence immediately.

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