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What Is Assisted Living?

Understanding "assisted living" is often the first step in determining whether it is right for your loved one. Here we describe assisted living and how it may apply to you. 

Assisted living can mean many different things to different people. For many of our senior in-home care clients, assisted living can be defined as, "housing for the elderly or disabled that provides nursing, meals, and/or housekeeping as needed."

For us, assisted living is something a little different. Assisted living does not have to be just "housing for the elderly" it can also be "care for the elderly." The care does not have to happen in an assisted living facility in order for it to be considered "assisted living," although it can! 

How do you know your loved one needs to implement some form of "assisted living?" 

There are many signs that may signal that your loved one is in need of help. If you're questioning your loved one's abilities to properly care for themselves, they may also be exhibiting the following qualities: 

  • Lack of proper personal hygiene
  • Wearing dirty clothes
  • Forgetting names or important dates
  • Isolation
  • Disinterest with life in general
  • Losing common items: keys, phone, etc for long periods of time
  • Unsafe driving
  • Decreased mobility
  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Neglecting financial obligations

Selecting the care that is right for your loved one:
Figuring out the type of care that provides that largest benefit to you and your family member is crucial. But what do you need to take into account?

  • How often care should be provided
  • Are you going to be moving your loved one to your own home, a facility, or will they stay in their own residence?
  • How will you pay for the care (out of pocket, long-term care insurance, VA benefits, etc)
  • What type of care does your loved one require?

A home care agency or assisted living facility can help you in many different ways. A few of the services they can provide include:

  • Personal care (hygiene, dressing, toileting, etc)
  • Mobility assistance
  • Companionship
  • Transportation services
  • Nutrition assistance (in accordance with a doctor's recommendation)
  • Medication reminders
  • Social Outings

Determining what kind of assisted living will most likely benefit your senior loved one is not difficult. Our Comfort Keepers agency in Fredericksburg, VA will have one of our experienced care coordinators assess your needs and determine an accurate plan of care for your loved one so there's no guesswork involved. And we come to you! We assess your loved one's current situation so that we can make their situation moving forward comfortable, enjoyable, and overall a wonderful experience. 


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