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Golfing: The Gentleman’s Game Comes with Health Benefits

May 9, 2017 by Comfort Keepers of Fredericksburg

Golf may be considered a sport of leisure, but for seniors, it is a go-to activity that provides them with their daily exercise. While it is a go-at-your-own pace game, golf is an enjoyable and social activity that can provide seniors with many health benefits.

Five Benefits

Golfing is most beneficial if played without the use of a golf cart. But no matter how your loved ones plan on getting from hole to hole, the game will provide them with many health benefits. 

  • Exercise: Golf courses range from 30-200 acres. This much walking is a great cardiovascular workout that will keep your loved ones’ lungs and hearts healthy. Additionally, it can help lower their cholesterol, improve muscle strength, and potentially reduce body fat percentage.
  • Increased Bone Strength: Golfing can also be a great weight bearing exercise. Between walking, hitting, and carrying a golf bag, golfing can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and prevent bone degradation.
  • Improve Mood: Whether it is after a good round of golf or not, the activity alone can increase your loved ones’ mood and help reduce their stress level. Through the release of their endorphins, your loved ones will feel a boost in mood and wellbeing.
  • Exposure to the Outdoors: Being outdoors alone provides many benefits, from stress relief, to relaxation, and soaking up vitamin D.
  • Better Sleep: Typically accompanied with a bit of exercise is a good night’s rest. Many seniors suffer from insomnia, but with an exercise like golfing, their bodies will feel lethargic when it’s time to lie down for bed.

When your loved one is enjoying a game of golf on the green, make sure they are staying hydrated. A game of golf can last hours and with temperatures rising, it is important that your aging loved ones avoid a heat stroke

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