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Connections Galore: The Advantages of Social Media for Seniors

Oct 31, 2016 by Comfort Keepers of Fredericksburg

Embracing the Future

Within the last decade, social media has practically revolutionized how we use and interact with the Internet. One of its unsung contributions is the fact that it has helped older adults embrace the digital age, allowing them stay engaged and connected to others. It didn’t happen overnight though. Eleven years ago, it was estimated that only 2% of the senior population used social media sites. Since then, that number has risen to nearly 40%, and based on year-over-year trends, it is only expected to grow.

With that said, there are plenty of aging adults who still may not be so sure about social media, due to a lack of understanding, a general aversion to technology, or simply an absence of interest. Some may just think it’s a waste of time altogether – and that’s okay! However, if your loved ones are starting to explore the idea of engaging in social media or even if they’re mildly hesitant, they may be interested in learning more about some of the things it can offer.

What are the Advantages?

Connect – As mentioned, one of the most important benefits of social media is that it allows you to stay connected with friends and family. It can often be difficult for two people to carve out the time to talk on the phone, especially if physical distance plays into the situation. But with the ability to chat with those either down the street or in another country, the possibilities for robust conversation are endless. Even if it’s just in short bursts, having the chance to connect so quickly and conveniently can help to eliminate feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Share – Similarly, social media sites tend to engage us visually, and many platforms allow you to view, upload, and share pictures and videos. It should go without saying that the ability to do this represents an opportunity to share and exchange memories and cherished moments – all with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of having to go to someone’s house to look at their photo album, or being forced to put batches of photos on a DVD or jump drive for others to view.

Stay Engaged – Finally, social media also serves as a way to stay up to date on current events – whether that means seeing a post about your granddaughter’s engagement announcement, or learning about vital information pertaining to an upcoming election. No longer do you have to feel left out of discussions, or that you’re no longer “in the know” about recent events.

…and Stay Safe!Safety should always take precedence when exploring all that social media has to offer. Check out Senior Net’s social media safety tips for more information.

Considering In-Home Care?

Comfort Keepers’ compassionate, professional, in-home caregivers can also help assist your loved ones enjoy social media, while staying safe. We can also provide everything from personal care to Alzheimer’s care, whether it’s around-the-clock, or just a few hours throughout the week. Our goal is to see that your loved ones have the means to live happy, healthy, and independent lives.

If your loved ones are in need of senior care services and you’re wanting to learn more, give us a call at (540) 205-8743 or click here. We look forward to hearing from you!






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