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In home care for seniors recommends the following immunizations for seniors

Consider spending National Immunization Awareness Month educating your senior loved one on the importance of immunizations and the various types of shots that are recommended for the older population. By making immunizations a priority, seniors can decrease their chances of developing a life-threatening disease and live a healthier, more comfortable life in their golden years. In home care for seniors highly recommends the following immunizations for seniors. Talk to you senior's medical team for more information.


Shingles Vaccine

Since shingles are more common and serious among seniors, and other individuals with weaker immune systems, anyone over the age of 60 should receive the shingles vaccine. Shingles usually cause a blistering skin rash but can also lead to vision impairments, hearing loss, and fever. Older adults should get the shingles virus even if they’ve had shingles in the past.


Influenza Vaccine

While influenza or the flu is not typically dangerous to children and younger individuals, it can be deadly to older adults who are 65 and older. Although there are three types of flu shots available, there is one that is specifically designed with a higher dose for seniors. This high-dose shot offers senior citizens greater protection than the traditional flu vaccine, and in home care for seniors can keep an eye on your loved one to ensure there are no adverse side effects.


Chickenpox Vaccine

A 2 dose shot series is highly encouraged for senior citizens who have not yet had the chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine. However, older adults who are taking prescription medications that hinder the immune system, are living with cancer, or suffer from immune system issues should not receive the chickenpox vaccine until they consult their physician.


Pneumonia Vaccine

Senior citizens who are constantly in the hospital are very likely to contract pneumonia. Due to the fact that pneumonia can be life-threatening for them, they should get the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in order to protect themselves against the 23 most common types of bacteria that causes pneumonia.


Tdap Vaccine

The tdap vaccine is given to protect individuals from tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. Tetanus can enter a senior’s body through a serious cut or wound and cause muscle cramps that bring about significant pain. Since tetanus can lead to death, older adults should get the tdap vaccine.


These vaccines are typically administered by mouth, aerosol, or through needle injections. They contain the same germs that lead to a certain disease and work by stimulating a senior’s immune system to generate antibodies, just like it would if a senior caught the disease.


Following a vaccine, older adults will develop an immunity to the disease without actually having it. Rather than treating or controlling diseases like medicine does, vaccinations actually prevent them. Contact Fredericksburg in home care for seniors to learn more.


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