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Quality of Life Guide: Home Care for the Elderly in Fredericksburg, VA 

Home care for the elderly providers give advice to your family on improving your senior loved one's quality of life in Fredericksburg, VA

What does quality of life mean? If you have never heard of it, then you may not know, but it is basically made up of three things – happiness, comfort, and health. If these three things are in harmony, then the individual is said to have a good quality of life. If they are not, then a senior or any individual may experience a lessened quality of life. Below, the Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Elderly team will talk more about it and the areas in your senior’s life that may affect their quality of life.

Personal Life

Your loved one’s personal life is made up of the different moments and interactions they experience on a daily basis. These moments factor directly into our quality of life and have an impact on who we are.

Family Affairs

For a family to be and remain happy, everyone’s needs must be met. Your loved one’s need should be met, but you also need to keep in mind that you have needs too, and they need to be addressed. The Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Eldelry team provides respite care and more to ensure you can get out of the house and run the errands you need to.

Tasks Required to Function

Activities for daily living are the basic tasks that we perform day in and out. These tasks are often taken for granted and include everything from cooking to getting into and out of bed. Many seniors struggle with this and they need additional help.

Companionship And Friendship

Everyone needs someone to talk to and seniors who are left alone day in and out will start to experience loneliness and withdraw. When these feelings remain unaddressed, the senior may start to neglect care for himself, the dog, and even the house. It is important to recognize these signs and then handle them appropriately. Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Elderly provides companionship services to help combat the feelings of loneliness a senior may face.

Happy Right At Home

Many seniors, when asked will choose to age in place. The reason behind this is two-fold. First, they want to remain independent. Secondly, they do not want to give up their memories in their home. With the proper home care services in place, your loved one can safely age in place.

Our Mission – Better Quality Of Life

Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Elderly provides in-home care services and technology that helps and allows your loved one to age in place and remain in their home. If you would like to discuss options for care, please call our office when you have a moment. 

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