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Senior At Home Care & Medication Management in Fredericksburg, VA

Learn more about how senior at home care can help your loved one with their medication

The importance of proper medication management should not be overlooked by senior citizens. By taking their medications on time and in the right doses, older adults can control high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and a variety of other health conditions. They can also limit the amount of time they spend in the hospital and reduce their risk of health complications down the road. Additionally, they can make the most out of their golden years and increase their chances of living a longer life.

If your senior loved one finds it challenging to manage their medications, you should make it a priority to help them out. Whether they fail to take their medications properly due to impaired eyesight, confusion, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or the belief that they are perfectly healthy and do not need any medicine, Comfort Keepers offer a state of the art safety product that you should make them aware of.

This safety product is known as the Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice. It stands out from other pill dispensers on the market for a plethora of reasons. First off, it contains 60 medication cups that can hold 20 to 25 pills. Next, it has the ability to connect to a senior’s current phone line and alert a senior through text, voice, or light every time they need to take a medication. In addition, it locks to protect all of the pills inside it, can work for up to 12 hours after a power outage, and contains a large dispensing button that older adults have no trouble seeing or using.

The pill dispenser will let you or a senior at home care provider know if your senior does not take a pill after the dispenser directed them to do so. With this technology by your older adult’s side, you can enjoy some peace of mind while your older loved one can live a higher quality of life filled with fewer health issues. There truly is no better medication management tool that your senior will find, and it comes with a recommendation from senior at home care professionals across the country.


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If you are intrigued by the Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice and feel that it may be a good investment for your senior loved one, we encourage you to contact us today to arrange a complimentary senior at home care consultation. During this consultation, a client care coordinator will demonstrate how the product is used while getting to know your senior so that a customized care plan can be designed.

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