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Comfort Keepers Offers In Home Care In Woodbridge, VA

Learn more about in home care in Woodbridge, VA & surrounding areas.

in-home-care-woodbridge-vaFamily members who have aging loved ones who need extra assistance may want to consider in home care provided by Comfort Keepers.  Since Comfort Keepers sends a caregiver directly to a client’s house in Woodbridge, VA, they are able to assist with daily responsibilities and offer a number of other valuable services.  Some of the services that a caregiver from Comfort Keepers provides includes respite care, end of life care, Interactive Caregiving, and companionship.

Comfort Keepers also offers basic assistance around the house, as part of in home care.  Caregivers are able to assist clients with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, laundry and assist with mobility.  Family members who are considering the services that Comfort Keepers offers should realize that a caregiver can stay with a client for a couple hours a week or stay with them 24 hours a day, depending on each individual situation.

Caregivers from Comfort Keepers offer respite care, meaning that they are there to give family members and other care providers a break at any time.  In many cases, family members take care of aging loved ones, but have their own responsibilities, like going to work.  This is where a caregiver from Comfort Keepers can come in for a couple hours, days, or even longer in order to assist with senior care.

A caregiver from Comfort Keepers can also offer end of life care as part of in home care.  This service allows clients to stay in the comfort of their home as long as possible.  A caregiver from Comfort Keepers is able to assist a client by helping them move around the house, preparing meals, and offering a feeding service, if necessary.

Caregivers from Comfort Keepers are known for offering Interactive Caregiving as a way to keep clients active mentally, physically, and socially.  Caregivers encourage clients to remain mentally active by socializing with them and engaging in conversations.  In order to keep clients physically active, caregivers encourage them to walk around the house, take walks around the block, and go out to visit locations in the area, if physically capable.  Since caregivers from Comfort Keepers offer an incidental transportation service, they can bring clients to Veterans Memorial Regional Park, Marumsco Acre Lake Park, and other locations in Woodbridge, VA.

Caregivers from Comfort Keepers prides themselves on offering excellent companionship.  Caregivers are there with clients in order to offer them the attention they deserve.  Since clients have someone to talk to in the comfort of their home, they are able to continue to socialize and enjoy their life to the fullest.  Caregivers can also bring clients to senior community centers so they can interact with like-minded individuals. Comfort Keepers regularly brings clients to Prince William Senior Center, and other senior centers in Woodbridge, VA.

Family members who want to find out more about the in home care provided by Comfort Keepers can contact us at (540) 205-8743.

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304 Westwood Office Park, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


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